The Parish of Parkes are pleased to receive children into the ongoing life of the church through Baptism.

Baptism Services are usually held at St George’s Parkes on the second and fourth Sunday’s of the month at 12pm.

For details on Baptism Services at St Stephen’s Peak Hill, contact Clergy House at Peak Hill on 02 6869 1775 and Fr Graeme Gaul will be happy to discuss this with you.

In summary, what is Baptism?

Baptism is the means by which a person of any age is incorporated into the faith community.

Baptism for infants gives sponsors and parents the opportunity to set the infant on the way in their faith journey, with prayer and promises made on behalf of the child/children, and with the support and welcome of the church. The people of God, through the infant’s sponsors, make the baptismal promises for the infant and exercise faith in Christ on the infant’s behalf. This does not involve a ‘test’ for parents and sponsors on issues of faith as the parent’s desire to bring the infant for baptism, together with the sponsors (and at least one of the parents) having been baptized themselves, is sufficient.

Older children and adults who wish to be baptised must also participate in a preparation session and regularly attend church, as preparation for making the baptismal promises for themselves. Baptism for these people is usually followed by confirmation into the Anglican Church.

Through Baptism we are brought into the family of God, into union with Christ, each other and with the Church of every time and place. We are not baptized into a particular denomination or Church, but into Christ, into the whole Church of God.

Do the parents need to be active church members?

  • We welcome all those who seek to bring their children for Baptism.
  • Baptism requires (by Church law) that at least one parent is baptised in the Christian faith.
  • Central to the Baptism service are the promises made by parents and god-parents to encourage the child in the life and faith of the Christian community. Therefore, we believe it is important for parents and god-parents to be able to express and demonstrate a commitment of faith themselves, and for the family to be involved in an ongoing way in the life of the church. We ask that parents who are not regular church-goers commit themselves to attending church as preparation for the baptism and afterwards as part of nurturing the child into the Christian faith as promised.

The church (and the people of this parish) look forward to supporting the parents in these promises and to sharing the child’s faith journey with them.

Once you have agreed to Baptism, what do you do now?

  • Contact the Church Office (between 9am and 12pm) to organise a Baptism package. This package contains further information on Baptism for parents and God-parents/Sponsors and a form to be filled in and returned to the Office.
  • Once you have completed your form, drop it in to the Office and the proposed date for the Baptism will be confirmed.
  • A member of the clergy will contact you to arrange a time to meet and discuss the Baptism
  • Please note that it is preferable that you contact the Office and return paperwork two months prior to the Baptism to allow time for arrangements to be made to meet with you and paperwork to be completed.

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